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December 4, 2015


The OASIS Weekly

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December 4, 2015
Volume 15 Issue 07


WELCOME to Theophile, Obed, and Davidson who joined our school family this week. We hope your experience here will be positive.
SWIMMING: Yippee! Swimming starts tomorrow. Please note the following regarding this event:
  1. Casual dress is worn on swim days.
  2. Swim suit is to be worn under clothing and undergarments packed.
  3. Students should bring bath towel, swim cap, skin cream and body wash if needed.
  4. A bag is supplied to each new student for packing their swim gear.
  5. Departure is at 9:45 and return at 11:45.
  6. Please pick up promptly as students are very tired and hungry after swimming.
  7. There is no snack or lunch time on Fridays.
HAPPY BIRTHDAYS WISHES to Deshaun who will celebrate his 7th birthday on December 9 and Grabriel who will celebrate his 9th on December 12. Blessings to you both.
POINTSETTA FUNDRAISING: This is the last weekend to secure your orders. Please return order forms and payment on Monday, December 7. Orders will be available for pick-up on December 11-13.
END OF YEAR CELEBRATION will be on Thursday, December 17. You will be notified next week regarding your contribution to the festivities.
LIBRARY VISIT will be Monday, December 14. Please return all borrowed items.