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F. A. Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

Pour les questions en FRANÇAIS (French questions): 

Question: Can residents from other provinces enroll their children in OAS?
Answer: Ottawa Adventist School accepts students from any province.
Question: Does the school accept students from outside of Canada?
Answer: The school accepts students who have legally entered Canada. In the case of temporary students, the registration fee and term’s tuition must be paid at time of entering.
Question: At what time the school starts and ends ?

  School starts  School ends
Monday to Thursday 8h30 15h30 (3h30 PM)
Friday 8h30 12h
Question: When does the school year starts and ends?
Answer: The school year begins in September, on the Tuesday following Labor Day. The last day of school generally falls in the fourth week of June. See the school calendar for this year’s start and end dates.


Question: Does the school have the grade 9 to 12 classes ?
Answer: The school offers instruction from Junior Kindergarten to Eight Grade.


Question: What are the tuition rates?
Answer: The Ottawa Adventist School is a Constituent school; therefore, there are two fee structures, one for constituent members and one for non-constituent members. These fees are on the Financial Agreement page of the registration form.
Question: What are the payment options?
Answer: Parents have the following payment options:
  • September to June – 10 equal payments by the 15th of each month.
  • Semi-annually – September 25th and February 15th.
  • Full payments – by September 1st
Question: Is there a discount for paying the fees in full?
Answer: Full payment by September 1st is eligible for a 5% discount to be reimbursed at the end of the school year.
Question: Where can I find the Registration
 forms ?
Answer: Forms can be found on the Forms and Supplies page of this web site.

Question: What is the registration fee ?
Answer: The current registration fee is:
          Kindergarten: $135.00
          Grades 1 – 8: $245.00
Please always check in the registration form for the current fees.

Question: How can I pay the tuition fees?
Answer: Tuition fees can be paid by cheque, cash, or online, through the AdventistSchoolPay payment system available at the bottom of the main page in the Forms and Payment area.
Question: Is there a discount for multiple children from the same family attending the school.
Answer: There is a $20.00 discount in the tuition for the second child registering from the same family.
Question: Do you offer online registration?
Answer: All registration forms are offered online. These forms are fillable but must be printed and submitted to the school.


Question: What are the requirements for registration?
Answer: The following documents are required for registration:
  • Completed registration form

  • Registration fee

  • Birth Certificate (or other proof of age)

  • Immunization Record

  • Most recent report card

Question: When should I register my child?
Answer: Registration form should be submitted at the end of May for entry into school in September.
Where can I find the Registration forms ?
Answer : Please click the following button : 


Question: How can I contact the school ?
Answer: We can be reached in the following ways;
Phone: 613-722-3770
Fax:   613-722-3767

Question: What is the best time to call for additional information?

Answer: The best time to reach any member of staff is :

  • before school (8:00 -8:30)
  • after school (3:30-5:00), or during the lunch break (12:30-1:00).
Question: When can I schedule a visit?
Answer: You may call to schedule a visit and the staff will work with you to set a time that is mutually convenient.
Question: Where is the school is located?
Answer: The school is conveniently located at 2200 Benjamin Avenue, close to Hwy 417 and Woodroffe. The map is available here.


Question: Is there a uniform policy?
Answer: Yes. The uniform consists of a combination of the school colors which are white, navy blue and forest green.
Please see page 13 of the Student Handbook for description of the summer and winter dress for both boys and girls.

Question: When is the uniform worn?
Answer: Students must be in uniform every school day unless otherwise informed.

Question: Where can I buy the uniforms?
Answer: Uniforms can be purchased from Growing Kids :

at Billings Bridge Centre  

at Place d'Orleans Shopping Centre

The Growing kids website :

Question : Where can I find the model of the uniform?
For now you can go to one of Growing kids location to see the models. Please mention that you need the uniform of Ottawa Adventist school. 


Question: What books should I purchase for my child?
Answer: All text books are provided by the school.

Question: Where can I find the forms and supplies list?
Answer: Forms and supplies lists can be found on the
Forms and Supplies page :
Question: Where can I find the school calendar?
Answer: The school calendar is posted on the home page of the web site or in the Calendar page

ACTIVITIES (Music classes, Swimming, Gym)

Question: Is French offered as part of the curriculum?
Answer: Our Kindergarten program is bilingual. Core French is offered from Grades 1 to 8 and extended French in grades 1 to 4.
Question: What other activities are offered?              

Students have :

  • weekly gym classes 
  • 18 weeks of swimming lessons yearly.
  • Weekly music classes.
Question: Is there opportunity for students to engage in other extra-curricular activities?
Answer: Students enjoy yearly visits to the National Arts Centre, Museums, and the International Children’s Festival.
Question: Can students choose which instrument they would like to play.
  • Students of grades 1 through 4 have no choice. Recorder is the instrument taught to these grades.
  • Students of the upper grades get to select, under the direction of the music teacher which instrument best suits their range and ability.
Question: Are the musical instruments provided by the school?

  • Recorders are provided for the lower grades students.
  • Upper grades students must provide their own instrument.
Question: What are the instruments currently played by the upper grades?
Answer: The upper grades students currently have a choice between the clarinet, trumpet, flute, and saxophone.

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